Högskoleprovet 2009

I made the selection in DN ordförståelsen and unfortunately had an error. How was it anyway:

Will I pass?

Consider the environment


Högskoleprovet attracting more and more
More and more people want to write university entrance exam. In Stockholm, close to 13 600 people registered for the fall's national university. There is a 42 percent increase over last fall.

9100 Swedes want to write university entrance exam this fall, 43 percent more than in 2008, according to VHS. In Uppsala, the number of write-hungry increased by almost 35 percent. [...]

Högskoleprovet word-part

I did ordkunskapen in SVD and got the following results: (Note: Do not read further if you want to do it themselves first)
I'm pretty happy with the results

Results: 38 correct out of 40

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So replied others:

Question 1 of 40

Piano Pedal

* Nasty habit 1%
* Loud protest 0%
* Deliberate lie 0%
* Embarrassing mistake (your answer) 98%
* Unexpected turn 1%

Question 2 [...]

Högskoleprovet - words - DN.se

This is a good test for ordvetare! Make it :-)

Högskoleprovet - words

HAVE YOU TRACK OF WORDS AND ITS IMPORTANCE? Which description best describes the word?

through the Scholastic Aptitude Test - words - DN.se.
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I did it now with the following results:
Thanks for your participation! Of the 788 people that have so far done the test, did you get better [...]

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