Thunder Clap

Applause is a way to express appreciation by clapping their hands and when thunder occurs electrical discharges in the atmosphere. These discharges produce very high heat for a fraction of a second, making the air molecules in motion.
Clap Lightning is thus when the booms and crackling as a result of the sound that is produced [...]


Peter Eriksson is termed to be Entrepreneurial in DNS rhetoric school today.

He is also very good grades in the article of rhetoric expert Christer Hanefalk.

1 Summary of the rhetorician Peter Eriksson

Rhetoric Area, points (1-10)

- Literacy (rhetoric) 9

- Clarity [...]

Ipredfond to help the accused file-sharers -

The Green Party is a front feet again by the energetic and knowledgeable Maria Ferm.

So far, however, I have no information on how much money has come in and how the fund will be managed.
Below is what was in the DN

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